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Custom Blends

My goal is to use the flower essences to assist in bringing
you back to the truth of who you are. This means something different to each individual whether it be to resolve an emotion or to bring forth more joy, confidence and ease.


Custom Flower Essence Elixir

Working with me one on one is a truly custom experience. I get to learn all about you and what is going on in your world.
We meet up via video conference and take a journey together to discover the best flower essences to bring into your blend.
It is genuinely a free flowing experience where I listen to my instincts to guide the session. I may use color light therapy
and/or sound bowls to enhance your custom blend. Much like a flower petal, no two appointments are the same.
The beauty of the one on one appointment is that we collaborate on what feels right for you.
You get to choose the flavor for your blend as well.

Once our appointment is complete, you are mailed your Custom Flower Essence Elixir along
with an affirmation to help round out the experience.

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