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Testimonial Praise

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Josie Griffin

College student - majoring in
Choral Music Education

Tallahassee, FL

“Heather is amazing!! Our Zoom Custom Blend session was very personal and enlightening, as the vibes and energy were both extremely calming. I found the color light therapy that she used to be a unique element of the session. The color that I chose really seemed to correlate with how I was feeling at the time.


I love that the blend is customized based on my current strengths and weaknesses as I view them. As a young mixed race woman, I struggle with finding my voice and confidence.


Working with Heather, I see an evident difference in the way that I view myself and the environment around me. I would definitely recommend working with Heather to anyone who wishes to grow into a better version of themselves”!


Gen Obolensky

Owner of Botanica Day Spa

Clearwater, FL

“One thing you need to know about me is that when I am resolving any kind of issue, I lean toward all things natural (which is one thing that attracted me to Heathers work).


I am an extremely busy mom, wife and business owner and I have a thousand things going on at once. Being a bit scattered and hectic feels normal for me.


When I began my Custom Flower Elixir, I

felt a difference immediately. Overall, I felt a sense of calm and peace. It was shocking actually - I’m never like that.
Also, there are absolutely no side effects. None! I highly recommend.”


Alejandra G. Brady

Feng Shui Practitioner, Interior Decorator

Tampa, FL

“Heather’s Practitioners Potion is what I spray before working with a Feng Shui client. It is essential for me to go into a clients home in the right energetic space myself, so that I can then focus on the client and their needs. Heather’s intuitive blend (which smells amazing by the way)

is the perfect complement to my
pre-client ritual. I love it so much that I reached out to Heather again when we took on a rescue/foster dog. I described what the poor little guy was suffering from and Heather was able to guide me to some

flower essences that would benefit his transition. We noticed an immediate improvement. In fact, he became such a calm and sweet dog that we ended up adopting him! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Heather’s products are! Her beautiful energy shines through all of her wonderful potions”.


Sarah Faulkner

Jewelry Artist •

Safety Harbor, FL

“After a life threatening health scare and a long hospital stay in the fall of 2019, I was looking for more ways to boost my physical and emotional well being. I wanted to regain my strength, lose any fears, and get back to working full time in my jewelry studio.

Heather met with me to create my Custom Flower Elixir and carefully addressed all of my concerns. She chose flowers that are known to restore balance and enhance courage, among others. We decided to make my custom blend into an Aura Mist that I could spray around me all day in lieu of an elixir that I would take sublingually.

I love my essential oil diffuser (and aromatherapy in general) but my custom blend Aura Mist is an absolute game changer. I spray it around me in my studio and within seconds the healing aroma lifts me up. It’s bringing me a renewed sense of creativity, clarity and peace. I’m exercising more, remembering self care and my confidence is growing everyday.
Thank you Heather!!!!
This creation is amazing!!!!!

My husband breathes in deeply when he hugs me and tells me that I smell so good.



Caitlin Cook 

College student - majoring in Cyber Security 

Lutz, FL 

“I’m 20 years old and I have been using Heather’s Custom Flower Elixirs for about six and a half years. I started working with Heather right before I started high school. I was struggling with many things including the death of my Grandmother whom I was really close to. Heather’s Elixirs were able to help me work through the pain and resolve some of the grief that I felt. I am now able to look back on my memories with my grandmother and I feel so much happiness.


I always text Heather when I run out of my “Flower Power” (that’s what I call her potions). We catch up and revise my blend based on what is going on in my life. Working with Heather, I am able to show my vulnerabilities and they have turned into my strengths because I don’t allow them to hold me back any longer. I never feel any judgment from Heather and her flower power gives me the courage to face any innermost fears and conquer them. 


Natalie Yamanuha

Spa Director & Cosmic Ki Creator

Palm Harbor, FL

“Heather is amazing!!!
I can’t say enough about my Custom Flower Elixir. Heather’s knowledge of finding just the right blend blew me away. My personalized Elixir was easy to use and
I kept it with me so that I could remember to take it everyday. From the minute I first used it, I felt a wonderful and loving energy flow through my body. I felt a sense of calm and any tensions that I previously felt seemed to melt away.

I would highly recommend meeting with Heather for your own personal blend.

She is so intuitive and knows exactly which flowers will benefit you to meet you where you are in your life”.


Chezne C.

Lutz, FL 

Having a Zoom session for a Custom Blend with Heather was a breath of fresh air. It truly allowed me to take a step back and focus on myself uninterrupted. This allowed me to tap into that inner peace that we all seem to be seeking. Don’t let the Zoom concept stop you from this experience, it truly felt like we were sitting in a room together. I could feel Heathers energy and passion thorough our entire time together. This virtual session is a great way to connect from near or far, yet it
felt so personal.


Thank you, thank you, thank you… for sharing with the world your beautiful soul. Seeing you allow vulnerability into our conversation helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin.


The Custom Flower Essence Elixir helped me out big time recently. There has been so much social media debating. I was beginning to feel very blah about what is going on in the world. I grabbed a large water bottle and added the drops for the day. I immediately felt a sense of calmness come over me and I felt a shift from feeling tired, to inspired to progress with my day. I have actually been amazed that my mood is lifted even if I don’t feel down. My Custom Blend continues to brighten my days, even in these gloomy times in society.

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