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“Seriously though, is it true that flowers have powers?”

Yes they sure do and I’m the girl who can help you fall in love with them. I like to call the essences of flowers, soul therapists. Their vibration and energy are amazing mood boosters that harmonize out of balance emotions.


I’m Heather Radke 
       and I can help you spark your spirit!

"I started my brand to help people discover how unresolved emotions can hold them back from reaching their full potential and how flower essences illuminate the journey to wholeness."

I was once in a place where I had zero spark, not even a baby flame.
I had suffered for years with poor health and an autoimmune diagnosis that caused me to wonder if I would ever get ME back!

In 2010 I was fed up with being sick, sad and stuck.
In an effort to help myself, I took charge of my life and
became a Certified Natural Health Professional.
As I learned about flower essences and saw
how they worked for me, I knew that I needed to make a
commitment to help others too. Since then, I have become
a tree hugging, meditating and flower picking girl who
LOVES to be of service to the world. 


I desired to learn as much as I could about the body, mind and spirit. In 2012 I became an Integrative Holistic Health Coach. Shortly after, I began studying Naturopathy and in 2016 I became a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Although I am grateful for all that I learned through the Naturopathic studies, that broad scope was not where my passion was. I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to stay solely focused on flower alchemy. I discovered that working with flower essences and essential oils is where I feel the most complete and able to serve.

In 2018 I traveled to Berkley, California to study natural perfumery under Mandy Aftel who is a brilliant Artisan Perfumer and natural perfume educator. The correlation between scent and emotions is profound. I also began using Color Light Therapy in my Custom Blends after intensive workshops on this subject enlightened me as to how our moods are affected by color.

As I began to feel like myself again ... 

I am wholeheartedly here with YOU in mind and I bring you my experience to help you be in the best alignment with yourself. As my brand expands, flower essences will be at the core
of each product. Every item is crafted and hand poured by me and as cliche as
it sounds, made with love. 


Some fun facts...about me

I once had a shop called Guillot Apothecary and Day Spa in Tampa.
It was named after my Grandmother who had such an influence on my life. I had an eye for up and coming niche brands and carried hard to find lines that were just getting started in the world of beauty, and now many of them are globally famous. 

As much as I love being holistic, people associate that with a certain look and vibe. I am ALL about being fabulous with a bold lip and a sassy outfit. 


I am a wanderlust and secretly wish that I could travel 24/7. The first order would always be Paris. My Grandmother was a French WWII bride and came to the states knowing no one but my Grandfather (who was an American soldier). She is where I get my love of scent. This photo of us is in France in 1997. It is undeniable the joy that both flowers and my late grandmother bring me.


Speaking of travel, when I was a child I spent my summers in North Carolina on my Aunt Marie’s chicken farm. Unknowingly, I was making elixirs from flowers that I picked along the dirt road near her house. I bottled them in empty, mini liquor bottles with water and sunshine. Talk about a prequel!

The fun news is that there is a flower essence for every single aspect of my world and I take them because I wanna shine and be authentically me. So if there’s a little too much (or not enough) of something in my emotional field, I use a little flower power to bring me back into balance. 

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Flower Facts

What you’re probably really wondering is… 
do flower essences work, and how? 

The answer is a resounding YES! Click here to learn more about the history of flower essences
as well as how I use them to make my innovative blends.

xo, Heather Radke

Flower Essence Alchemist

Education & Associations

Aftelier Natural Perfumes 

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMCB)

Bach International Education Programme (BIEP) 

Flower Essence Society

Institute of Integrative Nutrition 

Samassati Color Light Therapy

Trinity School of Natural Health

Anahata Ananda - Shamangelic Breathwork Facilitator

Meditate School of Mindfulness - Sound Healing

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