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Breathwork models the age-old practice of guided journeying into non ordinary states of consciousness. It has been studied at length as a remarkable healing tool in modern consciousness research. In these altered states, the magic of this practice takes place on many levels of our energetic body, directed by the inner healing intelligence
of the breather.  


Breathwork Ceremonies

There are many methods of breathwork out there, each with their own unique applications and theories. My sessions are conducted ceremonial style in a dedicated environment to honor this powerful method of self exploration and bioenergetic release. The sessions are performed in groups and incorporate accelerated breath with ancient sacred practices,
layered with other healing arts modalities.


The group is led into guided visualizations to help them breathe deeply into any density where we tend to hold onto emotions. I use transformative music, healing touch, olfactory assistance and shamanic wisdom. Many people are able to tap into unresolved issues, core wounds and self limiting beliefs. I also bring in compassion, empathy and angelic energy
to assist each individual on their own journey.


As I like to say “ The breath is the Shaman” and I am here to guide each individual on a journey of connection,
self discovery, healing and expansion. My goal is to have each person emerge feeling lighter, brighter and clearer
so that they can go forth and shine in the world.

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