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Spark the Spirit 

illuminate your journey to wholeness


My mission for Heather Radke Holistics is to help you rediscover the truth of who
you are with the use of flower essences as a catalyst for growth

How to pick your flowers
Flower Facts

Flower essences have a reputation of being
highly effective and easy to use


Their liquid energy can help boost confidence, ease fears and lift mood
by assisting us to overcome emotional imbalances.

Flower Essence Elixirs

Innovative blends made with flower essences to help bring a variety of emotional situations into balance.
They are delivered via a dropper and can taken directly under the
tongue or in liquid.

iStock-958953920 copy.jpg
Aura Mists

Made with flower essences and essential oils. They are used to spray your space, home and all around you. They provide immediate relief for anything ranging from stuck energy
to needing a pick me up.

Custom Blends

 An opportunity to work with me one on one so that I can learn all about you. This informs and inspires me to make a special Flower
Essence Elixir tailored to your life
and specific circumstances.


Upcoming Breathwork + Workshops Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Testimonial praise ~ What my clients are saying

2020 Josie Senior Portraits-51.jpg

Josie Griffin 

College student - majoring in
Choral Music Education

Tallahassee, FL

“Heather is amazing!! Our Zoom Custom Blend session was very personal and enlightening, as the vibes and energy were both extremely calming ...


Gen Obolensky

Owner of Botanica Day Spa

Clearwater, FL

“One thing you need to know about me
is that when I am resolving any kind of issue, I lean toward all things natural (which is one thing that attracted me to
Heathers work) ...


Alejandra G. Brady

Feng Shui Practitioner, Interior Decorator

Tampa, FL

“Heather’s Practitioners Potion is what I spray before working with a Feng Shui client. It is essential for me to go into a clients home in the right
energetic space ...


“My inclusive line of products cover a broad array of topics that we all face in our emotional lives… follow me on Instagram to see the day and life of HRH”


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